Michal Malitowski & Joanna Leunis


Dodano: 2003-06-05 | 15:07:07

On behalf of the readers of TWIST SERVICE and my own I would like to congratulate you on taking the top position in Professional Latin Blackpool 2003. Are you pleased with the result?

The word 'leased' is not enough!
After Peter Maxwell read the final contestants in the rumba, tears started falling down from eyes on their own. I could not believe it. Blackpool is a magical place for me. I felt the same joy which accompanied me in Blackpool 1999 when together with Iwona we were the first in Youth Latin.

I watched the Blackpool Festival in the Internet. I noticed that you were also excellently prepared as far as media were concerned: your own web with a link from the main internet Blackpool Festival website plus your wonderful photo on this web which showed up the day after the professional tournament.
Could you tell us who takes care of your public relations?
The Internet page was designed by Piet Rullens. He also took care of its promotion. However, the man who is responsible for all our public relations including media is our sport psychologist from TEAM Amsterdam - Maximilian Winkelhuis.

Please, tell us how Poles were seen on this year's Blackpool?
Polish dancers have been playing a major role on the world dance floors for some time now. This year we have been talked about even more. Only Polish fans were missing, so they could check it personally . . .

On the photo I have mentioned you can see Joanna wearing a beautiful outfit. Who is the designer and dressmaker of your clothes?
The idea and the design of our current image are very creative Ewa Szabatin and Robert Kupisz. The clothes were sewn by Jolanta Mataczyna and Japanese firm Yanagida.

Adam Socik
June 5th, 2003

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