Edgar Marcos & Alina Nowak

Alina Nowak - Dance the way to Spain

Dodano: 2012-09-07 | 08:10:18

Service Twist follows many Polish dancers? careers throughout the years.  Many of them, especially female dancers, decide to travel and live abroad to pursue their dreams of "a life of dance." Today we specialize our focus on one dance immigrant - Alina Nowak, who chose Spain.

Edgar Marcos & Alina Nowak
foto: Paulo Figueiredo


Living in Spain for 6 months...

Her adventure with dancing began when she was 9 years old and since then she has always followed a life of dance. For 10 years she danced in the Zlota Para , Debica (former partners include Luke Pysz and Michael Wojcik). She also studied in Krakow, and together with Bogdan Mysliwiec represented the Club Plas. In 2009, she moved to Tomaszów Mazowiecki to continue her career with Jakub Rybicki. It was then she realized that she absolutely can not imagine any future without dance.

She graduated from the ministerial course for dance instructors at the Academy of Physical Education in Gdansk, with the highest evaluation. Currently, she is a third-year student at the School of Sport Coaches in Warsaw, studying dance sport under Ms. Monika Sakowska. "I had to get involved in everything that allowed me to grow and learn new skills in ballroom dance" summed up Alina Nowak herself.

"Shortly after we won the title of Academic Polish Championships", says Alina, "we made a joint decision to end our partnership. Shortly there after, on one of the biggest dance festivals in London, UK Championships, I took my first attempt with Edgar Marcos. Fortunately turned out to be a very successful attempt, after which we decided to continue dancing". (Edgar's previous partner was Anna Matus, now with Gabriel Goffredo, and ranks in the biggest world-class tournament finals).

"Moving to the country of flamenco and bullfighting cost me a lot of sacrifices, financial but also the loss of close contact with family and friends. I gained a lot too, and Spain welcomed me with open arms - but what would you not do for what you love! - She says with optimism.

Edgar Marcos & Alina Nowak
foto: Paulo Figueiredo

Edgar Marcos is a 7-time champion in Spain. He was a finalist in Blackpool when he was under 21 years old. Semi-finalist at the European Championships, and World Championships youth finalist. Placed second in Rising Star at Blackpool and was a semi-finalist in the Amateur category. Edgar is one of the top dance teachers in Spain, he trains top couples in Spain. Together with Alina Nowak they represent the Mambo Swing club in Madrid. Their dance costumes are made by Abraham Martinez Arroyo, where everyone in Spain gets their costumes from.
They work every day and continue to train under the guidance of Hans Knob, Bryan Watson, Carmen and Victor Nikovsky.

Edgar Marcos and Alina Nowak have danced in the following tournaments:

  • June 30, 2012 - 1 place, Oporto, Portugal
    (Beating last year's World Cup semi-finalists - Zufar Zaripov and Anna Ludwig-Tchemudorovą)
  • July 15, 2012 - 3 place PortDance Open 2012, Gondomar, Portugal
  • 5 August 2012 - 6 place Thailand Open 2012 in Bangkok, Tailandia
    (Went there by invitation from President Carlos Frietaga WDSF).

Along with their trainers Edgar and Alina are currently preparing for the new season to start and one thing is certain: they will be frequent visitors to the Polish tournaments and vow to visit Poland as often as possible. Their goal is to continuously develop and improve their skills, but they also desire success in the international arena.

See you soon!